About us

Hannah + Sam

Hi! We’re the creators of Strapped Camera Co.

We’re a husband and wife duo with Lyla the Labrador in tow. We’re passionate photographers and avid adventurers. You’ll often find us with a camera (or a coffee) in hand and big grins on our faces.

The beginnings of Strapped Camera Co.

Strapped began out of a passion for the art of photography. Designed by photographers for photographers.

There was nothing more annoying than losing a lens cap or having to stuff spare batteries in pockets/bags when travelling or shooting a wedding…so we figured if we needed a solution, then other photographers might too!

A few years, sleepless nights and many designs later the Strapped Camera Co. Companion was born.

Our passion for Australian Made and Owned

We’ve always been passionate about producing high quality, local Australian Made products.

So we took the time and money to make sure that our products are 100% Australian - from production to materials.

Each camera strap is handmade with kangaroo leather in Melbourne Australia.


Why we give back - 10% charity donation

Life isn’t easy for all Australians.

The drought in Australia has been devastating for many farming families and communities. It breaks our heart. So we decided to do our part to support our drought affected Aussie farmers.

That’s why we donate 10% of all profits to the Friends for Farmers, Salvation Army appeal.